- Doruk Guillotine Glass Systems provide panoramic viewing angles and natural lighting with the penetration of daylight, by moving the 8mm tempered (break-resistant) or insulating glass panels up/down with the help of a motor.

- The guillotine system engine using RTS technology works with the remote control and the motion can be stopped at the specified point with the start-stop technology..

- The entire system or a single module can be operated with a remote control.

- Glass profiles, which minimally affect the aesthetics and field of view, do not obstruct the users’ field of view and provide a perfect integrity with the outdoor environment with unlimited color and wooden pattern coating options.
- Rain and wind sensors that can be added to the system detect situations such as precipitation and storms when the system is on and turn off automatically.
- Guillotine systems provide 60% sound insulation. With synergy and comfort glasses that can be used in double-glazed systems, the thermal insulation feature can be increased to even higher levels.
- It works in harmony with smart home systems.

- Our guillotine systems; sound insulation, wind resistance and waterproofing tests have been carried out by independent institutions and have certificates in European standards. The insulating glass system has higher energy savings, wind resistance and water tightness than 8mm standard glass.
- The transom glass option provides the opportunity to clean the glass panels from the outside on high floors. In addition, when the system is off, the tilt wing can be opened and the environment can be ventilated.

- Aluminum and metal parts are painted with static powder paint according to your order.

- The color chart is determined by the RAL code system and an order is created with the RAL code system.